About Us

Asian Information Agency (AIA) is an independent news agency. It is the pathway to millions of readers by distributing the news, reports, features, opinions and images to newspapers, radio stations, TV channels and PR companies across the world. AIA connects Asia with rest of the world through the mission of peace and love.

AIA staffed by a team of professionals and correspondents. The AIA has worldwide news bureaus linked by a computer network. The AIA team consists of trained Journalists and talented writers with positive approach, and it believes on respect of the truth and the right to the public to have access to the true and accurate information.

The objective of AIA is to transmit information with a maximum level of professionalism, fidelity and service to the truth. The AIA is fully aware of its responsibility towards the public and society.

The ethics policy of AIA details a set of guidelines undertaken by its team to produce journalism of the highest quality and ethical standards.

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